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Stress Management

Hello Families,
Please feel free to use the list of resources below to build coping skills and support stress management. 

Coping and Taking Care of Your Emotional Health (adults and kids)


Ten Tools: tools to help feel better and stay positive.  Each link on the left side of the page has more details and suggestions about how to manage and process feelings of sadness, stress and worry. 


Be Calm Resource List for Adults and Kids includes websites, videos and a list of calming apps



FREE webinars teaching DBT skills (dialectical behavior therapy) to help manage difficult emotional situations, cope with stress and make better decisions. 

Parenting through COVID 19:

Student Life Skills to Survive and Thrive during COVID 19:



 Shifting Negative Self-Talk: S.O.S


Preventing a Panic Attack: PPA 


Calm Down Tools for Older Kids


 Support for Families during COVID 19: Family Support


Healthy Coping Strategies List


Regulating Thoughts


 3 Ways to Help Kids Navigate Big Emotions

by Cher Anderton


Strategies for Self Care

from Utah Schools


Emergency Care Wall


Ideas for Calm Down Kits


Trauma Informed Parenting




Coloring for Stress Reduction


Favorites List


Colors and Mindfulness - from where you are sitting, look around and write down what you see