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Einstein TSA students place at Washington State TSA Conference March 13-16

The following Einstein students attended the Washington State Technology Students Association Conference from March 13 - 16: Noah Afework, Ellery Ang-Lee, Aaden Claar, Christina Clark, Czarina Clark, McIntyre Featherstone, Oliva Jung, Hudson Karl, Juhee Kim, Makaio Lang, Mason Maier, Elliot Matheson, Ezra Miller, Cedar Morris, Aria Nair, Sebastian Pintea, Olivia Sanchez, Alia Smith, Emily Tian, Jacob Vitancol, Filip Vojnovic, Cheng Yang, Nathan Yee.


Over 750 middle school students and 1500 high school students from across the state competed in events like robotics, video game design, fashion design, coding, flight, audio podcasting, cybersecurity, promotional marketing and more.  Einstein students each participated in 3 to 6 events and all Einstein students progressed to semi finals in at least one of their events.


Einstein students won First Place in State in the following events:


  • McIntyre Featherstone - 1st Place in Flight

  • Christina Clark, Czarina Clark, Aaden Claar - 1st Place in Website Design

  • Ellery Ang-Lee and Ezra Miller - 1st Place in Coding

  • Aria Nair and Olivia Sanchez - 1st Place in Forensic Technology

  • Sebastian Pinetea - 1st Place in Cybersecurity


Einstein students won Second Place in State in the following events:


  • Cedar Morris, Juhee Kim, Alia Smith - 2nd Place Tech Bowl

  • Ellery Ang-Lee, Ezra Miller and Sebastian Pintea - 2nd Place in Data Science and Analytics

  • Ellery Ang-Lee - 2nd Place in Cybersecurity


Einstein students won Third Place in State in the following events:


  • Olivia Sanchez - 3rd Place Promotional Marketing

  • Czarina Clark - 3rd Place in Cybersecurity

  • Christina Clark - 3rd Place in Photography

  • Cheng Yang and Noah Afework - 3rd Place in Audio Podcasting


The following students were finalists (top 5) in their events:


  • Sebastian Pinetea and McInttyre Featherstone - Finalists in Problem Solving

  • Czarina Clark, Olivia Jung and Aria Nair - Finalists in Children’s Stories

  • Christina Clark - Finalist in Essays on Technology

  • Olivia Jung and Emily Tian - Finalists in Forensics

  • Cheng Yang - Finalist in Prepared Speech

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