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Athletics Sign-up

Thank you for your interest in registering your student for Einstein Athletics.  The following process will allow you to register your student for any of our sports seasons.  Please remember that this registration process must be completed prior to the first practice or tryout session.  

For sports with a tryout period(fastpitch, volleyball, and basketball), sports fees will be collected AFTER teams are selected. However, all other portions of the registration must be completed before students attend a practice or a tryout session. This is for the safety and well being of the entire team, and so that we may communicate with you regarding your student. Please see an important message from our District Athletic Director regarding this update to our registration.
Go Tigers!


Parent/Guardian Registration

  1. Go to Shoreline Schools Final Forms site
  2. Locate the parent/guardian icon and click NEW ACCOUNT below.
  3. Type your YOUR NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, and EMAIL. Next, click REGISTER.
    NOTE: You will receive an email within 2 minutes prompting you to confirm and complete your registration. If you do not receive an email, then check your spam folder. If you still can not locate the FinalForms email, then email informing our team of the issue.
  4. Check your email for an ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION EMAIL from the FinalForms Mailman. Once received and opened, click CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT in the email text.
  5. Create your new FinalForms password. Next, click CONFIRM ACCOUNT.
  6. Click REGISTER STUDENT for your first child.

Registering a student

What information will I need?

  • Basic medical history and health information.
  • Insurance company and policy number.
  • Debit/Credit card for online payment.
  • Doctor, dentist, and medical specialist contact information. Hospital preference and contact information.

TO ADD A STUDENT: If you followed the steps on the previous page, you may Jump to Step number 3.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click LOGIN under the Parent/Guardian Icon.
  3. Locate and click the ADD STUDENT button.
  4. Type in the LEGAL NAME and other required information. Then, click CREATE STUDENT.
  5. If your student plans to participate in a sport, activity, or club, then click the checkbox for each. Then, click UPDATE after making your selection. Selections may be changed until the registration deadline.
  6. Complete each form and sign your full name (i.e. ‘Jonathan Smith’) in the parent/guardian signature field on each page. After signing each, click SUBMIT FORM and move on to the next form.
  7. When all forms are complete, you will see a ‘Forms Finished’ message.

IMPORTANT: If required by your district, an email will automatically be sent to the email address that you provided for your student that will prompt your student to sign required forms.

How do I register additional students?

Click MY STUDENTS. Then, repeat steps number 3 through number 7 for each additional student.

How do I update information?

Log in at any time and click UPDATE FORMS to update information for any student.