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Registration Information


Rising 6th Grade: Class of 2031

Counselor: Kelley Flatters

Admin: Dorian Manza

         (View all of the information needed to register here)


Rising 7th Grade: Class of 2030       Rising 8th Grade: Class of 2029

Counselor: Ryan Ferguson Counselor: Lily Dittrich

Admin: Maria Serka Admin: Jessica Lee-Torvik




  • Rising 7th/8th Classroom Presentations: 

    • Week of March 4th - Counselors will present registration information and instructions on how to complete the online registration form with parents.

    • Week of March 18th - Counselors will facilitate students entering class requests into Family Access.             


  • Rising 7th/8th Online Registration Form Final Due Date: March 15th

  • Informational slide deck and additional resources will be available on the Einstein website on March 8th at 3:30pm